Bareboating with kids

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Discover ways to make your bareboating holiday a family friendly one, with these simple tips.

The thought of sailing the Whitsundays with your children might make you a little nervous, but you needn't be. Help your children find their sea legs with this guide to family friendly bareboating.

  1. Put those little hands to work! There's plenty to do onboard, from hoisting sales, pulling ropes, and keeping a lookout. Children love to help and it'll ease their nerves if they're not a confident sailor. Your little mates will be promoted to First Mates in no time.
  2. Let them choose an anchorage or mooring for the day. You chose your vessel and the charter destination – so now it’s time to let them call the shots.  
  3. Connect with the marine life. No matter where you are, you will be surrounded by marine life, so take the time to spot and identify marine animals with your children. The best part? Wildlife is more likely to appear if all is quiet and calm onboard…
  4. Head to the beach if those tiny tempers are flaring. Sometimes you need to feel your feet on solid ground. Look for a beach that’s safe and sheltered, and help the kids burn some of that pent-up energy by kicking a ball around, collecting shells and building sandcastles.
  5. Introduce children to the world underwater. Whether you’re sailing through the Great Barrier Reef in the Whitsundays or cruising through the Mediterranean, put on your fins and snorkel and explore.     
  6. Lend kids a waterproof camera. Running around with a camera is usually left to mum, but why not see your holiday through the eyes of your children? Let them create their own memories. Also encourage them to keep a 'ship’s log', with drawings and stories from their holiday at sea. 

Happy sailing!

Family fun while sailing