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Explorer Captain James Cook christened Tonga “the friendly islands” and nothing has changed. One of the world’s finest snorkelling and diving locations, Tonga is welcoming, laid-back and truly relaxing.
Must see: 

Sail to Maninita island and you’ll be rewarded with white sand beaches fringed with tropical vegetation to rare seabird sightings and a snorkelling environment so clear, you’ll think you’re swimming in an aquarium.

Must do: 

Visit Hunga Island and swim or snorkel in its famous lagoon which was formed by the crater of an extinct volcano. Indulge in a fresh seafood lunch while you’re there.

Welcome to happiness

Gorgeous scenery from every angle, some of the friendliest people on the planet and exhilarating sailing, Tonga is the epitome of a tropical haven, far from crowds and everyday life. A 20-course torch-lit Tongan beach feast is only the start of the hospitality in the friendly isles of the South Pacific. Smiles greet you wherever you go and it won't be long before you fall in step with island life. This tiny island nation is comprised of 171 islands in four distinct groups, the northern-most of which is the Vava’u Archipelago with 50 islands to discover on your sailing adventure.

Our base in Neiafu, the capital of peaceful Vava’u, is the ideal starting point for exploring the archipelago. Sail from island to island in calm, blue waters to dive, snorkel, swim or sunbathe on golden sandy beaches. Get up close and personal with local wildlife and sealife including humpback whales and dolphins as you sail from island to island. A Tongan charter offers exceptional cruising, exhilarating sailing and spectacular deep water drops filled with giant fern forests. There is an abundance of protected anchorages and short passages between them - ideal!