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The heaven-sent Greek Isles – scattered like jewels among the waves - are rich in mythology and timeless beauty. Sail into history and create your own postcard moments, more magical than you could imagine.
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Drop anchor at the Skopelos in the Sporades group to see the popular church featured in the movie, "Mamma Mia", in the charming seaside village of Loutraki.
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Sailing around the Cyclades Islands to the west is a challenging sail from the capital Athens which is in the more sheltered waters of the Saronic Gulf.

Get lost in history

The sun-drenched Greek islands are as beautiful today as they were at the dawn of civilisation. Sail into this timeless destination, soak up its history and mythology and mingle with some of the friendliest people in Europe. Extraordinary beaches and unbelievable discoveries await you on a Greek sailing holiday. Sail the Ionian and Saronic waters and see why this region is a Mediterranean yachting paradise.  See scenic coastlines dotted with whitewashed villages running down to the sea, feast on local cuisine or chill out in a cove of your own.

Choose from three bases to start your Greek sailing adventure. Explore the iconic southern Ioanian islands from Vounaki Marina, on the west coast of Greece at the foot of the Arkanika Mountains. Or discover the lush Sporades islands from the charming seaside village of Milina. If history beckons, our base at Athens Zea is superb for exploring this ancient city and sailing the Saronic Gulf. From archaeological sites, some of the best seafood in the world and lazy days sunbathing at secluded anchorages, Greece offers pure indulgence.