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Party central, Antigua has some of the best sailing in the Caribbean and plenty of hideaways to sneak off to when rest is called for. Antigua and sister island, Barbuda, boast 365 beaches – one for every day of the year.
Must see: 

Don’t leave Antigua without seeing Rendezvous Bay – one of its loveliest beaches. To get there, you need to walk 90 minutes through rainforest  but because it’s remote, chances are you’ll be the only ones there.

Must do: 

After a day of cruisey sight-seeing, Antigua comes to life after dark with a bustling nightlife of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.  Join in one of Antigua’s famous “jump-ups” – all night dancing to the beat of steel drums.

Ready, set, party!

The perfect blend of blue-water sailing, short hops from bay to bay to loll about on divine beaches, abundant wildlife and an energetic nightlife sums up Antigua. Neighbouring islands, Antigua and Barbuda together make up the tiny nation, jam-packed with activities and the energetic vibe typical of the Caribbean and its people. A sailing holiday starts from Nelson’s Dockyard in the sheltered natural haven of English Harbour, itself rich in Caribbean maritime history and worthy of exploring. Fringed with lush forests and steep cliffs, the harbour has two fortresses standing guard on either side.

When it's time to set off, sail to Green Island, off the east coast, and your choice of pristine and secluded white sand beaches where the snorkelling is excellent. Be sure to take your camera when you visit Shirley Heights, set within the National Park and overlooking English and Falmouth Harbours, to capture the most spectacular panorama in Antigua. Stay around after the sun dips for the biggest and best party on the island. If you're visiting in late April/early May, join the action of Antigua Race Week, renowned for world-class racing and all-night partying.